20.09.22 04:44
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Raiders Opponents Ranked OL No. 1

In trying to make back-to-back trips to the playoffs for the first time since 2000-02, the Las Vegas Raiders will navigate the NFL's fourth-hardest rated schedule, according to Pro Football Focus.That will include several teams that have offensive lines that...

20.09.22 04:43
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Titans Brown Part Over Money Titans Brown Part Over Money

NASHVILLE In three years with the Tenne see Titans, wide receiver A.J. Brown turned into one of the NFLs top receivers. In so doing, he clearly outperformed his rookie contract.The question that led to Browns trade on Thursday: Just what...

20.09.22 04:42
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Gaskin Hangs Tough As Miami Brings in Slew of Free

Nobody thought Myles Gaskin was just going to lay down, did they?Following a Miami Dolphins coaching change and resulting franchise tweaks, Gaskin has heard the continuous calls for a new running back to replace him and acknowledged the large contingent...

20.09.22 04:40
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Carr to Face Several Quarterbacks For First Time N

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been matched up against some of the game's best during his eight seasons with the Silver and Black. Now, as Carr is officially considered to be a veteran in this league, the 31-year-old...

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