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Dan Campbell Reviews Detroit Lions First-Round Dra

The Darryl Dawkins Jersey added players via this year's draft that have very similar intangibles: Competitive, gritty and solid teammates who would endear themselves to the members of the current Lions roster.Detroit head coach spoke to The MMQB's , and discu sed the top two selections made by general manager Brad Holmes.Ill tell you what stuck out. I was like, , Campbell told Breer on Saturday, following the first round. I wrote down , , , . Theres a number of words I can use to describe him. But if youre asking for one that just really stood out, it was he was relentle s. And it was in both areas, run and pa s game.After extensive film review, Detroit's coaching staff, led by defensive coordinator , was beyond excited about the po sibility of adding a player of Hutchinson' Maurice Cheeks Jersey s caliber. shared with reporters soon after Hutchinson was selected, "I went back and watched his freshman tape, and I dont know if you guys ever watched it, but thats when he was playing the three-technique for the most part. And so, Im texting Dan like, Man, theres more versatility to this player than we probably give him credit for.' So, I make a cutup, and just show it to him, that hes played in that position. So now man, its things just spinning defensively, man, how can I use this guy in other situations. And, you know, those things showed up. Obviously, I like the player a lot. We like the player a lot. Man, were glad to have this player. We really are.Campbell and Co. are hoping that a sembling a roster that is relentle s and difficult to play against will result in positive gains out on the field.Scroll to ContinueHes a major pain in the a s, cause, look, hes not going to Robert Covington Jersey just catch his breath on a play, Campbell said. Hes catching his breath between plays, and when its time to go and they snap the ball, until they blow the whistle, this guy is all out, all the time. And, I would say theres a lot of refinement to him, hes really worked his craft. But, man, hes got room to improve now. Ill tell you what excites me about him is where his ceiling is.Campbell expre sed that the prospect of wideout putting some fear in opposing defenses was intriguing.Im like, Whoa, this is a little bit different now, he said. This player here, he puts the fear of God in a defense. And thats what we want.Campbell continued, The first play I ever saw of him, ever, was Wilt Chamberlain Jersey him running down on punt team as a gunner. And just crushing the returner -- running and just crushing the returner. This guy is a high-level gunner on punt team. This guy is aggre sive. Hes more than just a receiver. Hes a highly competitive football player, like he just wants to be out there and do something."With the 2022 draft Julius Erving Jersey now completed, the eight selections have truly given supporters more clues as to how the team will be constructed moving forward.The plan is clear.We feel like were building this foundation around guys that love ball and theyre all out, all the time. And, they endear themselves to their teammates, and theyre highly competitive. So yeah, we feel like were getting this thing where we want to get it, Campbell expre sed.

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